Save a million fish

In 2015 while fishing with Gord Pyzer, he shared a piece of knowledge that amazed me and inspired me; that you could save the life of a bleeding fish using soda pop. Gord is one of Canada’s greatest fishermen, writers, and outdoorsmen for all time and this piece of magic he was sharing with me is the inspiration behind Save a Million Fish.

I put this into practice in my guiding business and in the first season I used this I probably saved five fish that would not have survived without the soda pop intervention. By 2017 I had applied it to over a dozen fish and the only times it didn’t work to stop bleeding and save the fish was when a gill had been ripped clean through. Every other time I believe it worked. And then, we recaptured one of the fish that I had applied pop to in the following year. Proof that the fish survived the pop application.

While filming the Fishful Thinking television program in the fall of 2017, Charlie Wray captured the amazing video of the giant musky bleeding profusely, and then the immediate cessation of the bleeding after the diet coke was applied. That fish was only alive because of the soda pop intervention and I knew at that moment that the fishing world must learn about this.

We all want more fish and this knowledge is just one more tool that fishermen everywhere fishing for any kind of fish, fresh or salt water, should know about and use.And so, with your help, a movement is born.

Share the knowledge, tell your story here, and inspire others to do the same.

Thank you in advance,

John Anderson,